Monday, May 4, 2015


Fish porn edition a day late here.

Season is on us and you need to know how to remove a hook.

I haven't had one cut out with a scalpel. I have seen it done. Sometimes it needs to be done.

I personally have had a shank cut off and the barb pushed through as a removal technique.

Not something I want to do again. That's "the wrong" way. Saying that, I'm not still wearing the hook. I tried to do it to a guy too when I was young and stupid. He ended up grabbing the thing with forceps and yanking it out himself. Tough old bastard.

The skin in your hand is surprisingly tough. Pushing a barb through is a bear. Better to try to back it out BEFORE you start messing with it.

Not that qualifier.


If you aren't sure - then wait. Use a little tape and just pin the thing in place. Yes, the barb will work deeper if you move the part you impaled. Remember I said wait when you didn't know what to do.

Well, you'll have a clue now.

SO - enough soapbox. This one shows an alternate method. I've pulled two of these off myself and one off a buddy. Works.

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