Sunday, October 4, 2015


Image at left courtesy NOAA from photographer Benjamin Sanford and hosted on wikicommons. Public domain.

My local TU chapter shocked my local creek yesterday. I don't have our pictures yet.

Eighty-six fish in our sample stretch. Pretty good.

The big thing was that I got to see even more of the watershed: up close and personal. Volunteering for these things helps with the whole "where are the fish" business. It's great education about how trout use their hiding holes.

Rain, Breeze, Cool.

Still, fun time. Good turnout.  And, I have the inside skinny on trout water ten minutes from my front door. How can I beat that?

I'm not on the creek enough. I'm going to change that. I've got a stretch now that is fun to wade. Time to make use of it.

Now if I can get the Amber Liquid guys to stop wading into the pod of fish before casting I'll have something.

Oh, new rod: Echo SR 10'6" 3 wt. I'll use it to compensate for places I cannot wade well. I should be able to swing fine with an Ambush line I have lying about initially and will find something in the spring that does more than streamers. The line I have might swing soft hackles fine as well.

I'll have to re-read the two-handed trout rod info over at the Soft~Hackled Journal.

If you get a chance to volunteer for shocking, do so.


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