Saturday, February 13, 2016

Bloody Cold

Four below this morning. Tying soft hackled flies instead of wading Mill Creek. Surprise.

The local is slushy but hasn't crusted yet. It might crust over tonight but next week promises warmer weather and we'll be back on tack for "bonus day" early fishing.

At left, some fresh silks. I ran out of orange and had to order. My local shop doesn't carry silk and made some remarks about the uni being better to work with and silk was for rod building and ...

I understand.

However, I like silk. I like the thread bodies I can make with silk. I like the tactile properties of silk. I like the historical links to four hundred year old flies tied with silk.

That said, I'm submitting one of my favorite quick-tie soft hackles to the Soft Hackle journal and my fly features synthetic scarlet floss for the back third of the fly. There you go. Old and new.

I hope the bench is as rewarding for you this weekend as it is for me.

Sufficient antifreeze taken internally does seem to help with the perspective on winter. I'm using Glenfiddich.


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