Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Scud Buggin'

Left: size 20 SH scud in olive.

The upper East Branch of the Delaware has a great deal of vegetation. Pictures from late spring and summer resemble the weed beds of chalk streams.

I tied these tiny olive scuds with thick thread bodies and translucent synthetic hare's ear dubbing. In the water, these look pretty buggy.

Okay, so in a water glass they look pretty buggy.

I've got more conventional scud and Syl's midges on emerger hooks in 17 and 15. Just in case, I wanted something really tiny and alive for those morning when the trout are laying around not yet having had their first cup of coffee. I wanted something that might remind them that they were always hungry. Sometimes they forget.

Trout in the Driftless love scud. I'm hoping Delaware trout do as well.

I'll use a tiny ball of sticky tungsten putty on my leader-tippet knot if I need to drift this lower in the water column. I plan on fishing it upstream as I would a dry fly quartering the stream and drifting beside weed beds and submerged rock.

I'll start putting camping gear together for the month's end opener here tonight. We'll see what the weather brings. I could use some tent time and a nice morning fry-up.

I can smell the cottage fries simmering in bacon grease already.


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