Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Odd Sping


My buddy on the water last Saturday. We fished the Upper Manistee (Deward) during a too bright day.

It started well. We waited for shadows and had a couple fish hit. Then, nothing.

It has been very cool then quite hot for us. We had 88 degrees last weekend. Sleep on top of the bag type weather.  There is a theory that while the bugs have caught on, the trout lag and the unusually bright skies are not helping.

We fished the evening hatch on the Au Sable until well after dark. We landed rough fish. No trout.

Fun though.

George: my 3 man Marmot Tungsten.  My buddy has the same and pitched it Saturday night.

Solid tent.

Interior with a low cot.

Tarp practice. Haven't rigged a shelter for a while but this did indeed work well. Those heavy poles are especially nice to prop out the wings. Stood up to a bit of a blow before dawn on Saturday.

The holiday weekend is coming which to me means project time. Back to the rivers in June.



  1. Looking good Spike, a couple of fish & a sleep out in the woods, cant get any better than that to take away the stresses of everyday life. well done.

  2. Nothing like it to clear the head! Big camp trip for most of next week just around the corner. Can't wait.