Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Buggy Enough

My attempt at fly photography. Horrendous. I need to actually get out a digital SLR instead of my crappy little Motorola smartphone.

You do however get the idea. Buggy.

It is the white mayfly hatch around here. The Huron has spit out a few that I see here in the evening and the waters up north - where trout live - will be hatching by weekend. They've been seeing a few last week.

This is a wet version. Mustad 94840 on which I've yet to pinch down the barb. Size 16.

Tail is a few Lady Amber Pheasant that I have lying around. No salmon flies this year so I'll sacrifice one Lady Amber for two dozen of these guys.

Body is Wotton SLF in white. Hackle is a Cul-De-Canard in Light dun. Thread is a Pearsall silk in yellow.

Looks like hell and my photography doesn't help. Looks buggy in the water, though.  I have to trim some of the longer CDC strands back. It gets "gummy" if you don't. The long CDC will wrap up on the tippet.

I want to make a trout dash on Saturday but vocational obligations negate it.

Opportunity is the only currency that matters in the end. It is how we're paid for a lifetime of effort. Every time.

Hope your fish are rising.


  1. Spike, that looks like it'll get them. Friends in Pennsylvania are killing with this one & it's easy to tie:

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