Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Tactical Trout

At left as hosted on wikicommons: The Gentle Art  by Ernest E. Briggs as it appeared in Angling and Art in Scotland (London. Longmans, Green, and Company, 1908). Copyright free.(expired).

Well. If she was fishing for fisherman, she'd have caught me.

Tactical Trout.

I went looking for a 7wt DT line today from Airflo.

I need a drink.

Forty Plus. Camo Intermediate. Skagit Compact. With me so far? Watch your step on this next part.

Super Dri Bandit. WTF? What is a "Super Dri Bandit" supposed to be?

Dri CAST Line (Turns out CAST is Canadian Atlantic Salmon Taper).

SLN Euro Nymph Line. I'm not making this up. Euro. Is that how you pay for the thing?

Oh, here's one. Maybe it's what I want: Super-Dri G-Shock Fly Line.

Isn't G-Shock a watch line by Timex? No, wait. He was that guy in 2LiveCrew. The one who could sing? You got me. No one in 2LiveCrew could sing. Just about my whole point here.

Our industry is losing its ability to carry a tune.

I'm calling bullshit on the naming of these lines. You want to let your FPS video game addicted 13 year old name your fly lines, your business. Don't expect me to spend my time looking through 42 WF lines to find a double-taper in 7 wt that can actually be mended by a human.

Has it come to this?

Maybe the next new rod on the market can be the "Body Count" line with models like ISIL and Thermonuclear Kim.

You're killing me. Airflo, you're killing me. You are squarely in the Trout Industrial Complex and you're not going to make your quarterlies if you keep up this bullshit. Consumer markets collapse when consumers move on and they're heading for the exit right now. You're driving away folks with money to spend on repeat purchases.

Am I the only person who has read Customer for Life ? Remove the barrier to sales. Then remove the barriers for repeat sales and make the interaction a self-esteem enhancing experience.  Turn the handle, print the money.

You're not helping the sport one damn bit, either.

Cortland 444 in peach, please. I can understand which line to buy from those guys.



  1. Spike, it really is monumental shit.

    Empty. Empty.

    Engagement Principle Marketing? meh. Crowd control.

    They gone too crazy to recognize the utility & value of a DT line. Better stock up now.

  2. The embarrassing richness of gear the sport has enjoyed is transitioning to needless market differentiation in preparation for volume production winners and losers as consumer sportsmen move from fly fishing to something else. SUP bass blasting ?

    Too many forms chasing too few dollars. Consolidation, empty differentiation of tertiary product features then collapse, bankruptcy.

    Back to old guys eating cheese sandwiches on the bank asking after each other's wives as they wait for the afternoon to ripen. Better than waiting an hour to have some new guy come downstream right through the head of the pool as caddis start showing effort. Didn't happen to me once last year. Market is cooling.

    Bears will again be the usual species on the river grunting a greeting as they pass. Occasionally proffering "the extra beer" to make new friends.

    1. Hope your summary is correct. Of course that might mean less clients for me, but that's okay I'm versatile with my time. I'll practice writing & fish more. I'll get more sleep.

      I have only ever attended one fly fishing show. One was enough. I'm kinda sensitive & it took me days to recover from the overload of stuff, expert-ness, & overwhelming market push. Show people have tried to lure me back, offering $$ to put on fly tying demos, but the money's not enough to make it worthwhile enduring the torture of being in the show environment.

    2. Correct up until the part where the bears take over, anyway.

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