Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Not Just Excited, Fishing Trip Excited

At left, copyright-free image from Helsinki. Bear Fishing.

Actually, this bear is in Kaivopuisto which is the difference between saying "it's in New York" and "it's on the corner of 49th and Park Avenue." [ think Waldorf Astoria neighborhood].

If you're a Cold War spook, Kaivopuisto is where you went to sip coffee on a bench when you were in town. It cut down on walking distance for all the household staff of the various diplomats' residences.

I lived with a Finn for three years, once upon a time. Now I have a side bag from a firm called Finn. Coincidence? I fenced with the Swede. The Finn would only drink (at the Jazzhaus in Lawrence, Kansas).

There's excited - little kid Christmas excited. Then, there's fishing trip where no one else will be on the river excited.

I've got the latter. Makes the little kid business look like a waiting room at a dentist's office.

I might have to get on my local stream tonight. I stopped by my fly shop yesterday to fondle gear. I'm even tying - gasp - streamers. I tie really ugly streamers.

"Put the  Pearsall's down and step away from the vise."

I need to do the day job. It'll make the day pass - sort of like making a kidney stone pass.


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