Tuesday, November 8, 2016

... Foreign and Domestic

Brook trout, left. Public domain image hosted on wikicommons.

When I think of all the trouble I've caused -- both foreign and domestic -- I am hard pressed to associate any of it with time on a trout stream.

So, following the popular technique of citing a carefully chosen specific event then generalizing its outcome to all manner of "logical certainties" I am here to suggest trout fishing will save the American political system.

Think of it yourself. How much trouble do you really cause when you are in a stream? Really?

If all our politicians spent fifteen percent of their terms on a trout stream, they'd cause fifteen percent less havoc.

Why, go for broke and put them out with a rod in hand for fifty percent of their allotted time in office.

One day in congress means one obligatory day fishing.

There'd be a lot less Mickey Mouse and a lot more attention on habitat maintenance and improvement projects. Maybe there'd be some legislation about egregious fly line proliferation, too.

Okay, okay. I'm not really that bigoted. I respect another angler's right to buy a line called "Super-Dri Bandit" if they want to. I will however make fun of them.


Trout: save the fish, save the vote.

Look - it's a better platform than anyone else has going right now.



  1. Heard a rumor Sarah Palin & some oil company CEO are the two picks short-listed for Secretary of the Interior appointment. Surely trout fishing will improve over the next four years. Eight years & you'll be able to purchase access to some fairly exclusive trout water.

  2. Bwaaaahahaha. When trout fishing is outlawed, only anglers will be outlaws.

    We're Irish over here. Civil disobendience? Ain't seen nothing yet.

    I'm conducting classes in truculence on Monday nights. Admission is the price of your pint. Come talk treason with the anglers. It looks like we're tying flies. It just looks the way.

    We're planning the trout revolution. More time on the water. Less time bitching about the gov'ment.

    Jimmy Watt isn't welcome.