Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Another Project

At left, the look of incredulous doubt from a foxhound.

I bought a new rod today -- sort of. I spoke for one that I'll buy for myself as a Christmas present before Christmas this year.

I bought a 3wt Fenglass rod.

Now, I've a got 3 wt and it's got my name on it. It is however graphite. Bushwacking is not the best place to use that particular rod.  It's delicate.

Thus, a relatively inexpensive Fenglass that I can put a little Galvan Brookie onto spun with a Wulff TT line I love. Remember, this is Michigan and I've lots of stream completely blocked off from breeze. Dusk and dawn are almost never a problem with wind, either.

I'm going to track my little local recovery stream -- Mill Creek -- for a good fifty outings through this time next year. It'll make a good local article if I can't get any of the angler magazines to bite. I probably can because over an entire year, even and idiot with a camera like me can get good snaps. Pictures help.

I've not tracked a piece of water reliably in a diary before and it seems a good use of some ink. I'm here four miles from the stream, have an interest in its restoration, and have an interest in saying something meaningful to folks who might want to fish it. So, a little pen and ink work.

It'll give me something to shop around next winter. " A Year, Fifty Outings, and The Soft Hackle: A Lesson in Classic Flies." Editors pick titles. Probably a good thing given this one. Too long.

Lou likes the idea of coming into the woods with me. He's not so sure about the water. He's not much on wet paws. Foxhound.


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