Wednesday, January 25, 2017

New Classic Reel

Image left of day-old newspaper with impressive trout. Public domain. Copyright expired. Hosted on wikicommons.

Today's topic is news and under that heading, Steve over at the Soft Hackle Journal has a great review of the Red Truck Diesel Fly Reel. He thinks they are good to go.

Steve's review  here.

Several of the Amber Liquid guys follow developments on the Leland Outfitter's web site. They were the first place I saw a Red Truck reel. Tempted as I've been, I hate to pay for something I've not held in my paw. Not so after Steve's review.

I know we all visit the area fly shop when we're away from the home waters and we buy some stuff to make sure and support the wealth of local knowledge.

I give a lot of business to my local shop linked at right: The Painted Trout. However, not everyone has a local shop.  I lived for years in a location three hundred miles from a fly shop. If you don't have a local, The Painted Trout, Leland, and Red's do a fine job.

( Leland web page here., Red's fly shop here.)

Don't rely on their web page: call and talk to someone who actually catches a fish from time-to-time. Makes a difference.

You can however rely on Steve's review. I have several Hardy Marquis clones as well as a Marquis 5.
I'll be buying a Red Truck for my Echo Glass 11' 7wt this fall.

Check it out.

You need to ditch that trophy drag and get a classic click (unless you're going to trophy water on an outing and then I'd be tempted to keep that sealed-drag beast in the ready bag).


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