Sunday, February 12, 2017

Shaping Up

At left, Bone Valley Trail in the Great Smokey Mountains as photographed by  Brian Stansberry and hosted on wikicommons.

Thanks, Brian. Great snap.

Brain has the key here. Soon season will be upon us with the tales of guide-boat traffic jams on the Madison and accessible spots filled with anglers.

The trick is to be able to cover the ground others will not cover in order to fish water they'll never see.

Your own two legs are the best tools for it.

Are you fit for the day hike?

No, seriously. Are you fit for the day hike with everything you need -- plus contingencies -- on your back?

It's called a gym. There's one within fifteen minutes of you right now. Go there. Sweat.

There is a chance you won't need the stamina. A chance.

Amber liquid guys deal in sure things. Make sure you are in shape for the season. No one wants to pack your lard-ass out to the road when you have a coronary incident.

Yes, I mean you. Your cholesterol practically makes you a solid.

Do some road work. It matters.


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