Wednesday, June 7, 2017

That Sinking Feeling

At left, a bastardized version of the Red Ass as a flymph.

TMC103BL in size 15.

Chartreuse Uni thread because I had it in the bobbin holder this morning.

Waxed pheasant hen tails (trout cannot count!).

Red wire - medium - for the abdomen.

Possum (Wapsi Awesome Possum in this case) for the thorax. Loose dubbed and picked a little.

Speckled Hen soft hackle. One and a half turns only.

Nice pronounced Chartreuse head.

I wrote of last weekend's outing that I was inadequately targeting fish on the bottom of the streambed. This fly will be my dropper on a dry-dropper rig. The wire will do for me what I need in the gentle flow I will fish Saturday night.

I'll probably use a medium Michigan caddis of a CDC DHC variety or a Jingler tied with a wrapped bit of foam in the underbody for flotation if I get around to finishing the flies.

I'm going to get my dozen of these Red Ass whipped up first.

I'm after nice browns this weekend and there is no reason the last six hours of light on Saturday will not yield some lovely fish. I'll be on the water until true dark.

Supper ?

Leaning towards smoked polish sausage on a grill gate beside the campfire.

Breakfast on Sunday morning?

Cat head biscuits and spicy sausage gravy. Strong coffee and lots of it.

You'll be sorry to have missed it.

I'm missing a dinner Saturday with some of my favorite trout fishermen; but, there are only so many weekends in June and come November, I'll be wishing I was out on every one of them.

I have to go. The river knows my name and its whisper calls to me more than a lover's coo.



  1. Please be gentle...not bastardize, but a variant.
    How about grilled bologna and caramelized onions.
    Good luck...

  2. Variant ... yes, yes. Variant. Quite right.

    Grilled bologna ... now you've got me. Cured meats are a particular weakness. Smoked bologna is a treat, too.

  3. Spike, you must be having a busy summer. Busy myself & away from the machine mostly. And now I've come by to check in on you & you've hardly moved on the page.

    hope you're getting some trouting in.

    I really like the tent. Just the gear for a hike in to Fortress Lake...

    The fly is an interesting little attractor. how's it working?


  4. My summer has pushed me to e-hermit status, much like you. Glad to see you up and about.

    You keep up that Fortress Lake talk and you'll attract the sort of writers who are quick to the bottle, pipe, and fly rod. It'll annoy the womenfolk and scare the bears.

    1. Sounds like a good plan. Gotta have a plan.

      Good to know culinary practices haven't put you out of business.