Wednesday, November 8, 2017

The Year Ahead

At   left, public domain image of Hemingway fishing in Key West in '28.  Image from the Kennedy museum and hosted on wikicommons.

Happy. Jovial. Looking forward to an afternoon of fishing.       

Putin fishing in Tuva, 2007. Image provided courtesy and hosted on wikicommons.

Happy. Jovial. Looking forward to an afternoon of mayhem.

I must not be taking my shirt off enough. Writers and despots get all the hot babes.

I'm looking ahead to '18. I can't believe I wrote that. I long anticipated being dead by now.

2018 goals:

(1) Fox and Two-Hearted, Upper Peninsula Michigan.

(2) Upper Columbia - American Reach, Washington.

(3) Yakima River, Washington.

(4) Outings to the Black River, Lower Peninsula Michigan.

(5) Jordan River and the Jordan River Valley, Lower Peninsula Michigan.

(6) An opportunity I don't expect.

It's a big brook trout year for me here in Michigan. I like brook trout, have the gear for them, and love to spend an afternoon watching them demolish a barbless wet fly. I'm going to do more of that this year.

The Senator won his election last night so I don't expect to see him fishing any time soon. Big Bear likes the camp (and camp cooking) more than the fish. Wilson is moving to Seattle. Mobes has a girlfriend.

It'll be a good year for solo adventure.



  1. A lofty list my friend.
    Are you going to fish shirtless?

  2. Shirtless?

    Only for the press.

  3. Will try the wax & biscuits. Good looking biscuits.

    Look at the size of that coffee grinder Putin is holding. Big knife too. Monster char I'd bet.

    Nice travel list. But, the Yakima?... meh.

    Now brook trout. Let me know when we're going up to the Nipigon.

  4. Steve:

    Yakima for a Seattle buddy. Have to have that highway noise experience!

    I'm looking at Ontario brookies. My conversation about them with actual Canadians involves clarifying brook trout on the fly in streams rather than through the ice in shanties. Yes, it leads to puzzled looks.

    There have to be great spots close but then, I've got some great spots here on this side of the border.

    Trophy fish ... well. I might be shy on those "down here".