Thursday, May 24, 2018

Traveling for Trout

When my grandfather was three years old, Teddy Roosevelt traveled to Yellowstone. He's pictured at left in an archival photograph used here from the collection of the Smithsonian Institution.

I don't have any record of his success in catching trout.

I have local trout. I live in a trout state. I'm still excited about going somewhere else to catch trout.

When I was young, loading up a crew for a couple hot summer weeks chasing trout in Colorado was a real treat. We usually camped and of course my uncle, cousins, and friends were all the sort of outdoorsmen with infinite patience whose every easy action brought success.

These memories of a few happy weeks are precious to me. Somehow, the thought of traveling again for the same sort of uncertain boyhood adventures fills me with joy, even if I too squint at the camera.

If the trout cooperate, that too will make me happy.



  1. Everytime I go fishing my anticipation & excitement levels reach very high heights but more so when i go camping away from home on a small stream which doesn't happen often, sleepless nights prior to the trip and childhood memories always flood back.

  2. Camping for trout: simply the best of all possible worlds.

  3. Spike it is a bit crazy traveling to catch a trout when you have them near...well crazy we are.
    Enjoy my friend.

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    1. Spellcheck hates me.

      I went crazy when I traded playing outside for Mrs. Batten's third grade classroom. All downhill from there.