Tuesday, August 11, 2020

I Want My Hat Back

   Mobutu. He wasn't much for humanity; but, that's an awesome hat. It's the sort of hat that only a sociopath could wear with ease. It suits him.

I have a special hat I wear when on the water. I suspect you do as well. 

The brim keeps sun off my face and water from running down my neck. I've worn it too little this season. I've had about enough.

The rush up north -- where my trout live -- is about over. The locals are losing interest. It's time to do some serious camping again. 

It's time to put on the hat.

I'll pitch my tent near the water. Use the river's water for my morning coffee. I'll laugh at the brook trout who eagerly snatch my fly only to be returned to grow larger and more cautious.

I'll enjoy the feel of life at the end of my line and in the evening I'll enjoy a little scotch from my coffee cup.

Noblesse Oblige. If one knows, one must prepare. You are obliged to use the information you have for the good of your mates. I know things about the covid.

I also know my mates need time on the water.  Looks like it might be time to prepare for fall camp a little early.

I hope you get to wear you favorite hat a little more often in the months to come. 

I bet you all look dashing.



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