Monday, December 13, 2021

Not Dead Yet

 Above: a copyright free image from the Art Institute of Chicago.


Part of the social distancing policy for we hermits involves social invisibility. 

Since the last post, I've been fishing the Madison in Montana, and have been up north in Michigan camping and fishing a dozen times. Somehow, posting the trivial narrative of my adventures seems meaningless.


I am alive, tying flies, and planning for next year. 


I have also started some pursuits in astrophotography as trout and stars both like clean air in remote locations away from a population, its lights, and its pollution of all sorts.


This year my Christmas gift giving list only includes  only vaccinations (shingles, pneumonia, flu, covid I & II, and a booster). Give the whole set. Keep your fishing partners alive.

Until the spring sunshine sees us all in better states of mind and health ...

Happy Holidays.

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