Sunday, June 27, 2021

Trout Family


At left, my trout family. Picture courtesy the Lovely Courtney.

We make our own way upstream. We look for cooler water. We try to find a place with cover and food.

These are my trout guys. On the right: Big Bear. Next: The Senator. Third from the right is Mike who is part steelhead whisperer. Third from the left is his brother Mobes whose wedding we had the pleasure of attending this weekend. (Welcome Debs). The guy wearing the tablecloth from an Italian restaurant is the Wilson. I'm the guy on the left who minutes before shed his sport coat due to the 85% humidity and spousal dancing obligations.

We're out of uniform being reasonably cleaned-up,  mostly shaved or at least trimmed, questionably sober, and sans waders.

It is important to have  trout family. It's important to make family if yours turns out to be a festering bowl of shit. It's a biological luck of the draw if you leave it to nature. These folks have removed the random affair and made family from active choice. We're chosen family.

So, We're preparing for outings. We're talking trout. We're pondering gear we don't need and waters we've read about.

Next up: Montana for me. For the group? Maybe Washington. Maybe Alaska.  We talked NakNek rainbows. We talked Situk steelhead. We talked other places. We'll see.

We're planning trips. I hope you are too.




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