Friday, April 17, 2015


AT left, a copyright-free image from wikicommons as taken by a US Army photographer in the performance of official duties.

Ike is speaking to "E" company of the 502 Parachute Infantry regiment, 101 Airborne Division prior to D-Day at Greenham Common. The officer with the number "23" around his neck was Lt. Wallace Strobel.

The intent look on his face is because his Army Group commander is illustrating the firm thumb-on-top stop position of his casting stroke.

No, I'm not kidding.

Ike talked fishing with the troops before combat. As president, he fished for trout while staying at Camp David.

He's got the right attitude in the picture. It's a battle. Technique helps in the accuracy of the presentation.

I'm tying some flies tonight that will help with presentation. I'm wire weighting some sparse soft-hackled flies to use on Mill Creek - my local trout stream.

Last night was our local chapter's TU banquet. I've had better meals in coach on airplanes. I think I'm going to have to get on the committee next year. I think the local country club did us no favors.

Of course the meal didn't get any help from that fact I managed to win bupkis.

Lightening struck int he same place quite frequently last night. There were several five and six time winners. Fortunately, I think the fundraising efforts progressed nicely. My Mill Creek derives all of its revival fortune from these efforts.

I have treats for fish camp now nearly a month away. I have ten boxes of girl scout cookies duct-taped closed in my pantry.

Duct tape is not rated as bear-proof. It is a powerful deterrent, though. Bear-discouraging.

Our house is infested with bears.

I'm back to the vise. I need to practice my catching technique.

We have to remove the influence of the trout industrial complex on our fishing. My own flies are a good way to start.



  1. "We have to remove the influence of the trout industrial complex on our fishing."

    You are a truly dangerous man.

    Slick article. Laughed. Good.

  2. Thanks.

    Umpqua van outside my house even now. Good thing I didn't reference "parking lot rods" or the Sage hooligans would be heaving Molotovs.

  3. People keep telling me I need to go to the FF shows to promote the biz. But whenever I go to one I'm overwhelmed by the dizzying opulence. It's too much. Too much of everything. The scene, to me, a scary alien juxtaposition. There's a guy who fishes with us who spends more days per year at shows than he spends on the water. He is seeking expertise & thinks attending shows will deliver it to him without the mess.