Saturday, April 11, 2015

Pale Shadow

This week's fish porn features two fellows off catching Brookies: Lee Wulff and Curt Gowdy.

We Amber Anglers are pale shadows of these folks. I'm going for brookies on Sunday. Not really in the same league as these two at all.

Gowdy was not known to me through the Red Sox - though he was known that way to my father. He was known to me through "The American Sportsman" and Hank Aaron's 715th.

My outfitter in Canada flies a little Cessna like Lee's, though the crew of us fly in an Otter. I've been in a turbo conversion Beaver and boy, I like that airplane. I could see myself in on of those if I came into real money.

Anyway, these fellows are off in Labrador and it's a great film to watch. Lee tying flies by hand sans vise is pretty cool if you've not seen anyone do it.

Gowdy clearing the campsite is worth a laugh. He didn't put the ax in himself, at least. The producer probably though it would add "authenticity."

Outfitters don't give the guest the ax. Wounded guests make poor testimonial customers.

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