Wednesday, January 6, 2016

At The Bench

At left, and image from Michael Maggs of a Durham Ranger from wikicommons. Michael is good enough to let us share the image for just the price of a nice attribution.

Great image - but then it is one of the best on wilicommons. Pretty high praise.

I'm tying.

Right now, I'm tying a Klinkhammers which will be my go-to dry this year along with the Deer Hair Caddis.

The Klinkhammer will let me see the take when there is almost enough light to fish and will let me suspend my duo beneath for early season nymphing. I'm still on the soft hackles. The Klinkhammer tied by me becomes a horizontally registered soft-hackled fly.

There isn't much else to say.

I'm looking towards the weekend where I may get an hour of high-stick nymphing in out on Mill Creek. We're not iced-up yet.

I'm drinking decaf coffee and tying flies.

I'm dreaming of spring outings.

I'm looking forward to the early season trout dashes up north. Hot food this year: that'll be something new.

Stay off the sauce. Stay on the vise.

Dream of spring days.


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