Monday, April 18, 2016

Highly Mobile

Morning, fly-out lake in Ontario near the airbase.

Some of the Amber Liquid guys are heading off to adventure in Alaska for steelhead. I found this picture this weekend of a trip in 2008 to the north country of Ontario. There are some amazing things to see when you leave the 'usual and customary.' I can't wait to see their snaps.

I'm delighted with my little local trout stream, however. I'll try to be on it every evening next week.

It's good to have spring back. It's good to be out.

I hit a trout on the nose with a flymph last night. He didn't take. Took a half-dozen casts to finally bump him.

I think the stockies are in. No reasonable trout would act that way.

My stalking skills are pretty good right now, though., Not a bad way to start.

You should go sneak up on something cold and full of hops. That's not a bad way to start spring either.


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