Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Golden Chipmunk

Not really a fishing note. Image in public domain hosted wikicommons originally the intellectual property of Phil Armitage who did a great job with the snap and the releasing of such a fine image into the wild.

I have grandcubs up this week and we are camping in my meadow every night.

I did Monday night in a tent ... on the ground. No Pad, cot, air pad, closed-cell foam. I was on the ground.

Yes, I know. My Own Damn Fault.

However, I'm alive and relatively unscathed.

I've earned my "Golden Chipmunk" award for the year, though (sleeping unaided on the ground).

As with most medals of distinction, you don't earn it without a scar or two.

Now, someone help me tie my shoes. Please. I'm a little stiff.


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