Thursday, July 28, 2016

On Safari

AT left, public domain image of Hemingway with a cape buffalo, 1953. Hosted on wikicommons and provided courtesy the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library. Fine buffalo.

I'm hunting trout on new waters this weekend. My desired haunt on the south branch of the Au Sable is too near serious canoe action and the campground I like to set-up at is called "Canoe Harbor" so I'm guessing it will be filled with folks in town for the canoe marathon.

I'm going to the Pine River.

The Pine is the fastest gradient stream in Michigan and flows cold all summer. The fish are entirely wild having never been subjected to the effects of stocking.

The Pine attracts canoes as well, though the US Forest Service strictly regulates the river through a permitting process. Additionally, canoes are off the water before 9 AM and after 6 PM. Fine for a summer trout guy!

This is new water. I've found a nice campground and I'm off to explore new waters. I don't know what I'll find but I'd be happy with just a nap this weekend. I need some outdoor solitude time.

I'm hunting trout. I'm avoiding crowds. I'm making an omelet stream-side for a second breakfast. How bad could THAT be?  I'm hoping to be able to fish light at some point if the wind is down. I've a 3wt that I'm dying to use for some tricos. I think the hatch is behind on this cold water but I'll be ready, anyway.

I'll have photos of the river, campground, and my progress when I return.

I'll also have a clear head and trout story to tell.


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