Wednesday, October 18, 2017

New Wax

New wax came today. I'm going to use it this weekend on some dubbed-bodied bucktails. I'll let you know.

Am I the only one who gets excited over the small inexpensive part of our sport?



  1. Afraid so. I take a bees wax toilet ring seal and compound it with bow resin (available at your local music shop. Melt the blend in a small saucepan on the range. Establish your own ratio empirically. Its fun and creative (like fly tying) and you're in control.

    "If you would catch more trout-you must kill less".

  2. I think it was Lucy from Peanuts who said: "It's the cheap, chintzy things in life that make it worthwhile."

  3. So, Warden's Worry tying session tonight at the beer Grotto with the new wax.

    I'll tie from partridge and orange to get the fingers working so will have a good wax report.

    Cool this weekend here and with the rain, should move some steelhead.