Sunday, April 8, 2018

Camping for Trout, Almost

At left, public domain image of a German Enigma cipher machine.

I'd intended to show pictures of my new base camp set-up complete with safari wall tent, cots, table, field chairs.

In the practice of erecting the tent for the first time,  two critical bits are missing. The sleeve spikes which go into the tent poles are missing meaning the poles cannot self-stand supporting the ridgeline.

So, nojoy.

I'll call the manufacturer tomorrow and get it sorted. It's why we practice these things. I'm not sleeping in the back of the 4Runner angry at the incomplete status of my tent. I'm merely disappointed not to have the pictures to show.

Steve is tying exciting flies over at the Soft Hackle Journal for the trout swing effort. Alan is a demonstration tyer at a Connecticut Fly Tyer Associate event. We're lucky to live in these times.

Monday night is the last of our off-season fly tying sessions at the Beer Grotto in Dexter. If you can stop by, please do so.

Opener is around the corner. Make sure the soft-hackle box is full.

Make sure you have all the parts to your field gear.



  1. enjoy Spike, its worth waiting for am sure

  2. Snowing now. 1" on the ground. It'll be a great spring. Epic spring, even. Thanks...

  3. Yes my friend, my soft-hackle is box is ready for the season.
    Enjoy your coming season Spike.

  4. You too, Alan. Should be a great season.