Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Early Spring Flies, Opener Part 2

 More flies from the recent bench in anticipation of a cold opener.

At left, a coachman style streamer using a dyed guinea fowl as a outer hackle. It's tied on the Alec Jackson 7 1x short, 1x heavy "irons" hook.

Coachman streamer with a blond ginger hackle. It probably is the wrong style for the early/dark theme but it will come in handy soon.

The red ass in size 15. This version uses the red wire abdomen.That's dark claret SLF as the thorax.

I'll us this fly as the deep-point in combination with ...
The Stewart spider in 15. Simple and effective, the Stewart spider with its palmered hackle is a favorite early season choice.  There is a lot in the drift that is dark and lively.

 Grouse and Purple soft hackle. Also size 15.

I bought a new sleeping bag today, A zero degree bag. It's going to bloody cold at night and my thirty degree bag won't be enough.

It snowed again today. Fourth day in a row. More tomorrow.

Might be nice next week. Might not. We'll see.



  1. The Stewart's black spider and grouse and purple ( I usually tie it with a snipe wing hackle) are two patterns that are "regulars" in my fly box. The other three are of no interest. Later in the season may I suggest catskill drys.

  2. John--
    Thanks. Always glad for soft hackles. I'll take your suggestion to heart on the dries.

  3. spike, that last fly will get some attention.
    This spring has been tough trying to figure out what fly they prefer. Fun is....

  4. Alan -

    My photography is crap but I like the grouse feathers right now. I have some pheasant and amber S/H in the bin as well as a partridge and scarlet with a herl collar that I'm counting on in a neutral and a tung-beadhead configuration.

    I'm feeling like I am loaded for ... well, brookies. There are some large carnivorous browns where I am fishing but they are somewhat more scattered.

    If I get my Gartside small maribou streamers lined-out, I'll be in good shape.

  5. Like the looks of the dabbler-style coachman.