Wednesday, September 18, 2019

The Rains of the Driftless

Driftless trip to Vernon county last week. A bit of rain. Then a bit more. Finally: rain.

Todd drifting a line on the Timber Coulee on the night of our arrival. The water was stained but not bad. The fish responded.

Then, the first of the nightly storms blew through during the dark hours.

Our typical fare. Black leeches and black beadheads did produce a few fish.

Obligatory fish picture.

As it came in one afternoon.

Something I tried. No joy.

Bishop Branch Creek. Last day. Afternoon. One to hand.

Hello. Note the black micro-streamer: the week's trademark color.

I was in the wrong band. My companions moved to spin fishing for the week early on and had some success. The Gulp was there to pull my chains. I think. I never saw anyone using bait but bait guys can be sneaky.

We did eat fish. It is Vernon county and if there is anywhere in the world that can use some population relief, it is Vernon county.

Camp creek. Obligatory driftless cow pictures.

The outflow of the silt entrapment on Maple Dale creek. For reference, this held clear water for thirty-six hours until the silt worked through the impoundment.  Worth noting that this was some of the best water in the county when things started clouding up.

Look, rain is coming. Probably in the next hour.

Lightening, too.

Good trip, though. Rain is rain but silt ... well, silt sucks.



  1. You gents did quite well under such nasty conditions.
    I like the spotting on that second brown.

  2. They were very pretty fish. No doubt Wisconsin is a wonderful place when the water is clear. Still, even with the rain it was a fun trip. great time.