Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Fur Harvesting

My recent absence can be explained in a name: Lilly, pictured at left.

She's the new pup in the house now at 11 months old. We've had her just over two months and it has taken that long to patiently mold her into a good companion what with the cats, the wife,  my wildlife visitors of foxes, turkey, deer, the possum family, chipmunks, and that damned black squirrel!

Barky Barky Barky.

Anyway, she's in our household and is cute as a button.

Uncle Lou pictured at left takes it in stride. He is a good partner and has done well determining what is worthy of a howl and what is just an incidental event.

The Amazon guy? Howl.

The turkey? Not so much.

So, I've tied a little this last month.

Things gradually are getting back to a placid routine. Monday night tying at the grotto in Dexter is going strong. There is talk of upcoming trips. The Catskills feature strongly and the local fly shop is bound for Cuba in a week. One of our friends fished the San Juan here a couple days back and killed 'em.

So: fall.

I've got some unruly CDC trailing shuck caddis here that I'll have on the Madison next summer.

Tied on some #16 1x short Partridge of Redditch I had lying around. The wing is maybe too much so I think I'll go online, look at some pictures, and maybe tie some with less mass.

They're drowned caddis, really. I'm not too worried is they're a little unkempt.

Hope all goes well here now that the season has closed. Looks like a long winter.


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