Saturday, November 14, 2020

This is the Way ?


This is the way.

Photo is from an expedition tot he Michigan U.P. this summer and yes, Michigan considers the area above to be a "marked trail". Takes a bit to see but there are blazes in paint on the trees. 

This being covid season direction is a little less sure than normal. I've been catching up on the Disney+ and the series _The Mandolorian_ after a writing buddy explained to me that the storytelling was simple and direct: Nick Adams set in space.

The protagonist frequently utters his "catch phrase" of : This is the Way.

I'll be damned, but; I think he is correct. There is a lot of parallel there and by all accounts the series is a smash for Disney.  Dog knows they could use the help. Who wants to be kissed by Snow White in a mask? 

Speaking of masks: wear one.It isn't a political statement but a statement of concern for those around you. 

Masks save lives. Other people's masks save yours.

I'm ready for the next twelve weeks of onslaught. Good thing I'm part hermit. Aren't all fly fishers? Solitary pursuits executed in social isolation often in the most beautiful parts of the world. 

On my death bed I'll not be wishing that there was one more cocktail party to attend. I'll be wishing I could of climbed down into one more valley.

So, covid. If I could have engineered a virus this good, they'd have made me a twenty-star general and let me sleep in the White House for an entire summer. (Lots to see in D.C.). Turns out, covid is sleeping in the White House. 

You can't wish trouble away. Most problems in life just don't "go away" with anything less than a shotgun and a $100 bill.

At left: part of my larder.

 I'm anticipating trouble in the delivery of fundamental supplies and services in the next 12 weeks. Where I am from, we always have a couple weeks of food on hand because wind, snow, tornado all can appear and and disrupt supplies. 

When you live most of an hour from a food store and your region is partial to extremes of weather (60 mph straight line winds are fine for the ranch house; but, the high tension lines do poorly.) , you know to prepare. Two of your neighbor's may show up on your doorstep for a few days with bad storms. It's something to take in stride.


I'm much more urbanized now though as you see, I take the isolation tango seriously. I hope you and yours have no need for such contingencies and we can all make large gifts to the local food banks when this is over.

How are we coping with covid in my little part of the world? We're tying flies.

Scotch old enough to vote is a fine rust-remover at the tying vise. 



  1. Distancing is easy for some of us; preferred, actually. And yes, a stocked larder along with a filled woodshed is good to have going into winter. Skol!

  2. Well stocked my friend, Campbell's tomato soup is a priority at this end.

  3. AL -
    Best to you and thanks for passing through. I've creamed herring in the larder. Hope you do too!

    Alan -
    I'm hoping it all goes to the local food bank but I suspect otherwise. A civic duty to protect the health and well-being of others is never very high on the priority list of Americans. Look at the Dakotas and Iowa ... dying. They had their personal liberty, though. No guberment telling those folks what to do. Stafe safe. Stay isolated. It's the only control measure we have today.