Sunday, January 3, 2021

Get your mind right, Luke.


Alan over at Small Stream Reflections went fishing with his missus. I was going fishing on Mill Creek here myself today.

I awoke to the picture at left.

Not precisely the trout weather for which I was hoping.

Today was a reckoning of my winter camp plans.  Heavy wet snow can do that.


I awoke to heavy wet snow as I mentioned. Now, if I'm not a little careful this weather could kill me. Maybe I shouldn't be so cavalier.

Maybe I should stick to some state forest campgrounds instead of wild camping. Okay. I can see it. Agreed.

Maybe I should be clear in leaving word of my plans. Okay.

Maybe I should take enough back-up food for a day or so. It isn't a hard thing to do.

Maybe I should rig an  a-frame awning over my tent using a ridge pole. I can use under-lacing to support the sides like in the mountain-leader class.

I can erect a separate storm awning to catch the heat of the evening fire and provide a place to keep gear dry and  do cooking out of any winter rain. 

I'm going to use a car-camp base camp here until early spring. I'll avoid lake-effect snow zones. 

I am going to the woods.

I took the dogs for a snow walk not long after snapping the picture above and it was glorious. Beargirl and I did a couple easy miles on a trail near our house in early afternoon. Lovely.

We drove over to the sailing club to eyeball the lake - frozen.

It was a grand winter's day without any trout. 

I shopped for snowshoes. Whew - none of those left int he country. I guess I know the popular Christmas present I didn't get. It'll work itself out.

I'm going up the country - Canned Heat.



  1. "Trout Weather" it would make for a very interesting book.

    Keep the faith buddy. March 20th is just around the corner.

  2. Working on it - thanks Alan!

    New toasty gear in the 4Runner right now. Next weekend, dry run in the north meadow. Trying for 12 months of camping in 2021.

  3. Spike, you are a camping monster. All that vast white space between the lines is certainly appropriate to the pace & the view. Brrr. Once spent January & February in a GI troop tent up on the Moggollon Rim in New Mexico & it was frikkin cold boy. A rugged go, there. Now camping in the big 'ol Avalon, laid out on the back seat, door locked against nosy cops. Everything fits in there & there's still room to drive. Best in the New Year.

  4. Big grin. Stay safe. I'm spilling some ink here these past few days. What else is there?

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