Monday, January 11, 2021

On The Bench


An early winter evening finds me tying.At left, a hare's ear and partridge hackled wire-wrapped flymph that I'll use in slow, shallow water here in a little while. 

Trout hang in warmer shallow water in winter but still must have the comforts of  shelter and drift. I suspect the warmer water feels good to their frosted fins.

Grey silk. Copper wire. Partridge hook in 14 wide-gap heavy. 

I'll let you know.

This weekend sees a trial of my cold weather gear - or most of it, anyway. I am desperately excited about getting back into the forests.  Some of my newer bits are not so excited about coming in the mail.

A friend wrote and asked why I didn't get a "hot tent." 

Fact is, I'm embarrassed. 

I have four tents in fine order. I don't need a fifth.

I've always thought of hot tents in the same vein as small boats: they're lovely but I don't want to deal with one. 

So, I will endeavor to make due with solid gear that is serviceable with the weather dipping into the teens. More than that and I really don't need to be out in it.

I hope the post holiday weather is doing you well. 

Keep 'em buggy. I miss tying in person on Monday nights with a couple pints in me; but, I can't spare time for the covid. I'm tying in my Fortress of Solitude.

Maybe soon, we'll all fly like Superman.


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