Friday, February 9, 2018

Not Just Swing

Lou the foxhound looking at me with some doubt.

I was buttonholed by a fellow the other day who knew I was a soft hackle sort of angler.

He asked "do you really just swing the fly all the time?"

Right there I knew. I knew we soft-hackle anglers have been buttonholed into the image of some grandfatherly sort casting spiders to the middle of the current and swinging big arcs.


I'd bet most of us of the soft-hackle persuasion rarely swing big careless arcs.

So how do we fish soft-hackles?

The next few entries will be my attempt to outline how I have come to fish soft hackles with emphasis the presentationist interpretation of fly fishing.

The swing? Love it.

It isn't used much.

I'm tying flies tonight.

Lou is snoring. Has to get his daily twenty.



  1. Spike, nice hound. Soulful eye on him. That's a good animal.

    Like the looks of those flies in your last post too. That Coachman is a sure-fire lure.

    Looking forward to more on the swing. Take us readers to Swingtown, please. And I agree: It's more than swinging.

    Great writing and the muffins look delicious. Come out this way and we'll make the Mexican Chocolate Bread Pudding.

  2. I wish I could point to one method of fishing flies, but I can say I can't.
    Lot's of fun trying everything.

    Lou is tops.

  3. Sunday night, at the ink. Just like there was a paper due Monday morning. I thought it would get easier and less angst filled as I aged. Nope. it just becomes a more insistent need to spill ink on a page. Lucky I have a foxhound to keep me sane. He's snoring at my feet by the little oil heater I used when it is frigid outside. My library needs it to reach the level of "cozy."

    More on the way.