Saturday, June 22, 2019

Too Damn Old

My current desktop this Saturday afternoon: the WIP, a chess problem whose solution won't quite stick in the fore-brain without the physical mnemonic, my passport and assortment of "outdoor cards"-- read tax stamp --  required to buy the various licenses I need this year, and an honest brown ale.

I never intended to live this long.

I've outlived too many bullets that shared that point of view. There's one in a sock drawer that I thought would be self-administered for a period of years but I outlived that bastard, too. Keep him around just for sport.

Anyway, laying in a supply of decent pipe tobacco for the rest of days. I'll age these five years now that I've gone past my "best used by" date. I'm going to start acting like a responsible adult and plan for the long-term.  Pipe tobacco and fly rods are my version of planning.

 Nice but skinny rainbow taken this week at Trout Club for Bears.  Yes, I know he looks rather like a sardine. I'm saying growth spurt like a teenage boy. Went 16"+. Maybe 18" but I wasn't going to handle him.

No need. Social catching.

 Early morning fish. Took him on a coachman streamer at 6:30 AM +/-.

A grizzly hornberg. I went through a ton of these this week. Effective as a searching pattern. Versitile doped-up as a dry or pulled under and fished as a wet or streamer.

My thanks to Alan for introducing me to this beastie.  Felt good fishing it actively.

Lou the foxhound.

He wonders if I noticed the sign said  thirty-five and not the forty-five I'm doing.
Should have been a police dog.

I have to go buy licenses for outings. There are far worse jobs.

Where are you good fellows heading this year?



  1. Again thought provoking photos.
    A massive tail on that bow.
    I'll be checking out my native CT. Never know where a brookie may turn up.

  2. Oh, the Connecticut route. Nice! Blue line hunting is a lot of fun.

    I'm going up with The Senator (an infrequent character in this blog) on the Jordan here in a couple weeks as things warm up. Te Jordan in Michigan is a frigid stream even into mid-August is populated in the upper wilds by aggressive brookies that see too little pressure. 3 wt country in the Upper Jordan Valley. Much like the stream featured on your blog.

    Really looking forward to visiting these gems of fish. 8" is a giant for these upper MI waters but the colors! Anyway -- can't but envy the CT blue line streams.