Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Spring Cleaning

At left, new tippet and some new extruded knotless leaders.

The seasonal cleaning is in full swing around here -- four inches of new snow does that -- and I'm replacing last year's nylon tippet with new spools from my local fly shop.

I'm also replacing my collection of near-ancient knotless leaders with fresh. I found two in my bag I bought in Colorado in '91.

Now, I don't like knotless leaders very much. I prefer to tie my own. However, I'm going to the Driftless where vegetation rules and knotted leaders snag the green stuff like it is going out of style.

My preference the last three years has been for furled leaders. I like those made by the folks at Cutthroat Leaders. I'll probably use them exclusively this year but since I'm not convinced they too can be weedless, I pack the extruded beasts as backup. I also don't mind giving the knotless leaders away when someone needs one.

New license today as well. Legal fishing to ensue.

A soft-hackle March Brown in #12 on a Hends BL345.

Thread: Olive 70 denier.
Tail: Hen pheasant
Body: Possum wrapped with ultra wire in chartreuse. The possum is heavily picked-out after the thin wire wrap is applied.
Hackle: Partridge.

The March Brown nymph lives in leaf litter or under largish rocks. He's a clinging sort of fellow.

He emerges from mid-May through mid-July on overcast days usually on warm afternoons. The duns run in size 12 through to a larger variant in 8. He's a large black and grey beastie.

Seems to taste nicely as well, or so the trout say.


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