Wednesday, March 29, 2017

On Account of Snow

At left, train stuck in snow 29 March, 1881.  Chicago, Milwaukee and Saint Paul Railway. Copyright expired image hosted on wikicommons.

Five to eight inches of snow due tomorrow in Grayling, Michigan on the Au Sable North, mainstream Holy Waters, and South Branch. The Manistee will see the same.

Not the end of the world but Friday is also cold with minimal melt so Saturday will be a slush day when it hits fifty degrees. Sunday too, probably.

All the cold ice water into the streams won't do my efforts too much good, either.

So, no camping this weekend. I don't mind hard snow conditions but camping in the mud and slush is no fun at all.

Probably a recon drive to visit streams, eat a Spikeburger, and come on home. If I'm wrong about the trout action, there'll be a couple rods along in case the rises are irresistible.

I've had enough winter. Maybe if I tie something to handle the Hendrickson hatch in Friday night's session at the vise, I'll drive the weather into spring by force of will.

Hey, spring in Michigan means less snow. It doesn't mean no snow whatsoever.


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