Sunday, March 19, 2017

CDC Deer Hair Caddis (DHC) and Spring Dreams

 At left, a snapshot of my shirt-pocket dry box from season's end last year.

Notice the "overstuffed with hope" arrangements in here. There are some soft hackles from the build of spring and summer, a few remaining dark sedges (dark DHC) a few odd searching dry fly patterns, and most of a dozen midge patterns in black and brown on #20 extra long hooks.

I know I'm not alone on the box of hope assortment.
I'll clean them out this week and stock the dry box with Jinglers, CDC DHC as that at left in #16, and traditional soft hackle interpretations.

I make a mess with the coastal deer hair. I use a raspberry patch that I love for the dark varieties, a very blonde variety that I fish most often at day's end, and a lovely natural with a great speckled effect that I use as my all-around.

It's Michigan: caddis required.

I am anxious to get out camping for trout but have a couple weeks. I went to the circus this weekend with Beargirl. I'd never been. Next weekend sees lows below 20 F where I want to fish so that's a bit cool even for me.

Two weeks, then a camp outing. Purple and herl soft hackles lightly weighted will figure. So will swinging weighted Woodcutters ( Soft Hackle Journal Woodcutter here )  under the advice of Steve Bird. They tie-up nicely and will do fine for my buggar substitute this year. I rather like the fly design. I'd call it "sculpin-esque" in its hydrology. Has to help.

I ordered a replacement large Swiss Army camping knife for my pocket. I left my last one with the TSA this winter. Happens.

I use a medium Ka-Bar fixed blade knife when camping but a folding lockback for cutting sausage and cheese is nice on the riverbank, too. It's handy in the camp kitchen and is easier to keep sanitized.

Anyway, anxious. Just like everyone else. Drank camp coffee this morning, even.

I've got it bad and that ain't good. (thanks, Duke).



  1. Spike, cool the way, informed by the previous season's experiences & observations, our boxes get more refined each year.

    Really like the March Brown of your last post. Accurate coloration, for one thing.

  2. Spring is coming. Spring is coming.