Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Wash, Rinse, Repeat

At left, public domain image hosted on wikicommons today provided courtesy the Louvre. Hey, we're nothing if not classy.

Two lady anglers are engaging in the seasonal duty of washing their fly lines on an amphora from 460 B.C. They were probably members of Fly Girls. The one on the right looks familiar.

Time for the annual washing of the fly lines.

What?  You don't wash your line?

You spend $80 on a fly line. You want it in tip-top condition.Or, maybe you're just "made of fly lines" as my father would say.

That's it -- you've got money coming out the wazzoo and can't be bothered to maintain gear? Maybe you're a filthy scum wallowing pig? [ Little of the mother bleeding over there. It's a family blog.]

Didn't think so.

Duct tape can't fix this one. March 1st is Amber Angler Line Care and Cleaning Day.

Why March 1st?

Beargirl is gone and I can wash my lines in the kitchen, heh heh. A trio of big silver bowls. Some dish soap. A microfiber towel. Brewski. No bending over, even.

So - wash your line. Mind the wife's cat when you do it. Cats. String. Fly line. Do the maths.

Oh, and buy your license.

Lastly, check for that sweatshirt soaked in smoked oyster juice from last fall, too. It's probably in that big gear bag.

March 1. The water is warming up nicely. Time for trout.


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