Sunday, April 23, 2017

Brown Bridge Dam -- Removed -- Boardman River

 At left, Ranch Rudolf on Saturday and again on Sunday. The river came up. Horrible photography but the lesson is that the Boardman is as responsive as most Michigan rivers to spate flows.
Yea, so I'm done with the "out the door" photography.  Mostly. let's face it: I am horrible with a camera.

I've cut off more heads with a camera than Blackbeard with a cutlass.

Brown Bridge Road downriver from Scheck's Place campground. This road is at least Subaru or better.

At least.

On the right (towards the river) is the Broan Bridge Road quiet area. Several trails lead back into the forest towards the river. Specific paths and access points are yours to investigate.

Here is the "we paid for this" dedication for the removal of the earthen dam formerly known as the Brown Bridge Road Dam.  Now I think it is the Brown Bridge Road Removed Dam.

 Stairway to the river at the dam's canoe landing.
 Flow across a sixty foot stretch of river.  The flow was at "drown me"  velocity. The current seems to have channelized what was formerly a broad but calm outlet.

The removed damn. Not the full channel flow. I cannot run as fast as the current was moving.

So much for tossing streamers over a former cobble bottom of relatively moderate depth tailwater.

Hey, the dam is gone. Always better.

[ I live on a bluff over a river. I'm not stupid enough to live in the actual floodplain. I've seen rain.]



  1. Any removed dam is a good dam, I think. There should be more like it. Spokane is not the first place I've lived that once had Steelhead and now does not. I think maybe more dams need to go away already.

    Keep it up, man. It's unlikely I'll ever fish in Michigan, but I do enjoy your writing about it.