Thursday, April 27, 2017

Happy Opener

Brook trout above from Duane Raver, U.S. Fish and Wildlife,  Public domain image hosted on wikicommons.

It is the Michigan opener here on Saturday. I'm avoiding the cluster that is Grayling and the Au Sable on opening weekend.

I'm going to the Black River. It's a river of brook trout who also happen to be our state fish.

The water temperatures are up and spring came on quickly. I'm looking for aggressive takes on soft hackles fished upstream.

I'm loaded with 4 wts., scotch, smoked oysters, and the last of some fine Briar Fox tobacco for the pipe. I've only been using this tin for fishing with the Amber Anglers but I'll celebrate opener with the last of the tin's memories.

 I opened the jar last night (this tin has been open since 2012 but I store it in a mason jar) and was greeted with the deep aroma of raisin, peat, and cocoa. I couldn't have picked something better for a cool spring evening at the campfire.

Next up in the trout rotation is Fox Hound from Nording in their Hunter's Blend series. That's a much lighter Frog Morton-ish blend. I like the On the Town blend in that series. I like Fox Hound in camp while breakfast is cooking. Works all day but is too light for the campfire. Compromise, compromise.

I'm a devoted Squadron Leader fan for thirty years now but find a new blend for a trout season helps those specific special events stick in my mind a little better than when I just use "the regular."  There are a lot of walleye mixed up with "the regular" and trout deserve a more delicate handling.

Walleye taste good, though. Never doubt a piece of fried walleye.

There's a little Maltese Falcon from G.L. Pease around here to finish-up, too.

Hope you're out for your own opener.

Time for some fun.


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